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About UStudy Academy

Education is becoming more modular, omni-channel, lifelong and international. In addition, many countries have most daunting educational challenges, such as low levels of learning, high dropout rates, and the lack of enjoyment in teaching and learning. The use of digital technologies combined with clear pedagogical objectives open up many opportunities for inclusion, successful learning outcomes and delivering well-rounded, competent students during their learning journey. Personalized learning, homeschooling and the use of digital tools are most advanced in the US and Canada.

UStudy, with its expertise and knowledge of north American and European education systems, is perfectly positioned to provide support and guidance in this area. Our innovative UStudy Academy is an inclusive international school operating out of the Netherlands. It provides students from age 4 and up anywhere in the world with an asynchronous or synchronous and self-paced learning environment: a high quality, accredited online curriculum in English with teacher and tutor instruction plus additional support services. We offer hundreds of primary, secondary and post-secondary education courses, provided by established education providers in North America. We also offer courses preparing for American standardized exams e.g., AP, SAT and ACT and can help students gain college access and college credit while in high school. Last but not least: UStudy Academy helps students obtain a high school diploma that fits their needs in a way that fits their interests and learning pace.

Our Students

We enroll students aged 4-20 from all over the world. Students who are looking for enrichment, empowerment and possibly an accredited high school or college diploma:

  • Students whose parents are expats, nomads, or other world travellers.
  • Student-athletes, artists and other talents who are looking for education that suits their busy schedules.
  • Students interested in getting college credit through exams.
  • Students wanting to upgrade their college study skills.
  • Students who have left the traditional school system in their home country for whatever reason or who are on the brink of doing so.
  • Students in transition or who are involuntarily displaced (new immigrants, refugees).

Traditional brick & mortar schools purchase our courses to help get their students back on track, to motivate them to continue their learning path, to prepare them for their next study or career path or simply to help deal with their teacher shortage.

Student-Centered Learning: courses and diploma

As a private school, UStudy Academy offers student-centered education. This is personalized learning used to describe different initiatives that foster learning experiences tailored to the specific needs, interests, and profiles of students. In this experience, the teacher’s role is to structure and mediate the learning process to empower students with more autonomy and agency, thus developing cognitive, social and emotional skills.

For each of its students, UStudy Academy designs a personalized curriculum and pathway to graduation, that fits their level of English, interests, passions, learning needs as well as their learning and life goals.


We offer hundreds of courses at all levels through online instruction and online teacher support: students have a choice of traditional courses and project based learning courses, both with synchronous and asynchronous learning styles. In our project based learning courses students explore exciting topics, experiment with new academic skills, and discover how their learning connects with the real world. Subjects are presented through authentic, fun projects led by qualified teachers. Courses engage students with authentic projects on topics that students really care about. 

High School Diploma

The Academy also serves as an official representative of several high schools and other education providers in the United States and Canada. Through UStudy Academy students receive a high school diploma and transcripts from virtual schools in the US, that fully meet national and international accreditation requirements. This diploma is accepted worldwide, including universities in the Netherlands. The American high school diploma is comparable to a so-called HAVO or VWO-level diploma in the Netherlands, depending on the level of courses taken. Research universities in the Netherlands accept this diploma with 4 Advanced Placement test scores, see here. Our Academy offers AP courses with teacher instruction support and assessment,

Support Services

UStudy Academy also assists its students with college and career counseling and gap year destinations abroad e.g., identifying suitable high schools/colleges/universities, suggesting financial aid opportunities, and preparing them for the next step in their academic career. This includes counseling on playing club and varsity sports and scholarship opportunities.

Our ambition is to also create brick-and-mortar, international schools for students in Europe, where a “blended learning” approach is offered: both personal and online teaching, mentoring and an online curriculum. 

Our School Principal: Marina Meijer

Marina founded UStudy Academy in 2023 after having worked in international education for over 20 years. She served the US and Netherlands governments e.g. EducationUSA in the US, Tunisia and the Netherlands. During her career at the Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs she worked on policies promoting digital skills in a knowledge-based society. She also served as College Counselor for the US and Canada at the International School of The Hague. 

Marina was born and raised in the Netherlands. After completing Law School in the Netherlands (Groningen), she studied Public Policy and Middle Eastern Studies in the US. Her children experienced the Dutch, American and Canadian education system. She is passionate about every child’s right to learn and believes that international education should be accessible and affordable for all, regardless age and location.

Next to being UStudy Academy principal, she is Academic & Athletic Counselor at UStudy, a prominent international education consultancy she founded in 2005. 

She is an Education Change Agent and Student & Parent Advocate. Marina is member of:

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